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This Wikia is designed to be a comprehensive overview and walkthrough of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the Super Nintendo. All artworks will be accurate to the game in all its 16 bit glory.

World Map
FactoryExor BattleBowser's KeepVista HillMario's PadMushroom WayMushroom Kingdom (Mack)Bandit's WayKero SewersMidas RiverTadpole PondRose WayForest MazeRose Town (Bowyer)Pipe VaultMolevilleBooster TowerBooster PassYo'ster IsleMole MountainsMarrymore (Booster)Star HillSeaside Town (Yaridovich)SeaSunken ShipMonstro TownLand's EndGrate Guy's CasinoBean ValleyNimbus Land (Valentina)Barrel VolcanoBowser's KeepMushroom KingdomPond To PipesMole MountainsMole MountainsYo'ster IsleSunken ShipSeasideNimbus LandBean ValleyLargeWorldMapDots
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